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Hi, I'm Michael.




Attorney Michael C. Lambert is a proud product of Philadelphia, PA. Although Mr. Lambert is not a native of the city of brotherly love, the warm embrace that has carried him since his childhood has kept him grounded throughout his journey of life.

Mr. Lambert attended Temple University for undergraduate school and shortly after attended Temple University Beasley School of Law. After law school, he started his career at the Defender Association of Philadelphia. Mr. Lambert then founded the Law Office of Michael Lambert LLC with a desire to serve his community. He prides himself on being a dedicated and successful attorney for the people. 


Mr. Lambert has been practicing law for almost two decades specializing in personal injury, family, and criminal litigation. Outside of providing outstanding representation for the average working citizen, Michael is a committed father, and a dedicated pillar throughout the city, helping when and wherever he can. As a dedicated and proud father to his six-year-old son, Michael Lambert Jr. Mr. Lambert finds it imperative that his son grows up in a fair and safe city with true justice for all. Mr. Lambert is now embarking on a new journey to become a judge to serve his city in a new capacity. 


Equality Meets Opportunity

As an attorney representing real people every day, I know how important equality before the law is to the futures of the individuals I represent. When individuals are treated unequally, their lives and opportunities can be completely upended. I believe equality creates opportunity. Together we can bring justice back to Philadelphia's court system. Join me today!

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